Sunday, August 19, 2012

Dreams......a deeper meaning and a message to Christians

I'm one who believes that sometimes, dreams are trying to tell us something.  I also believe that some of our dreams really are out of body experiences.  Have you ever had those dreams where you could feel, smell, taste what is going on and the next morning felt as if you hadn't slept all night?  I've been having more and more of those and I think God is trying to prepare me for something.

When I was a little girl, I often dreamed of Christians being kill for not denying Christ.  These dreams started at such an early age that no one can claim I was being "infiltrated" or "Brain washed" by my parents.  I'm talking 3 and 4 years old.  At that age, I was believed to not have an "understanding" of such things.  I was let to be a kid and do kids things.  I wasn't sat at a table and told about what we'll one day go through or what my parents believed we would one day go through.  Church considered me too young to be a part of the "left behind" movie nights and I was shuffled off to the nursery but even at such a young age, I would often dream of being shot or beheaded for standing my ground and not denying Christ or for being the child of parents that stood their ground.  I often dreamed of the rapture happening.  These dreams never scared me.  I felt I was being prepared and given peace for what would one day come.  They always made me aware of my surroundings and my decisions.  I watched more intensely the world change before my eyes.  I knew when I heard the story of Roe vs Wade that even when those involved didn't know, it was also a spiritual battle.  Not just a "rights" battle.  I remember when we stopped praying before class in school and I knew it was a spiritual battle.

I SAW spiritual warfare happen in my own home.  I do not feel robbed of my childhood because of this.  I still had fun and climbed tree's and splashed in mud puddles and made "salad" (a concoction of leaves and rolly pollie's, and acorns, and sticks....) to go with our mud pies.  I rode my bike until it was pitch black out.  I went to neighbor kids birthday parties and went swimming almost everyday of the Summer.  I had a normal, healthy childhood.  I just saw things and felt things.  I believe on some level, children are more in tune with the spiritual realm.  They are innocent and pure and see things for what they are.  It's black and white.  No grey area.  They listen more and aren't so rushed.  It's amazing what you can hear when you simplify life, slow down, and listen.

I still remember details of some of the "dreams" I had as a child.  I remember standing there and suddenly feeling my feet get light beneath me as I arose and met Jesus in the sky.  It gives me goosebumps and brings happy and homesick tears to my eyes just thinking about it.

Well, I don't remember what age I was but sometime in my adulthood.  fairly early on I believe....maybe mid to late 20's, I stopped having the dreams so frequently.  When I stop to think about it, I think it's when my life got so busy I wasn't focused on God as much.  I was working 2 jobs...going to CNA school, focusing on my body image and spending my awake hours at the gym.  Worrying about relationships gone bad or new relationships.  When my life started focusing on me and my needs instead of God and the needs of others.  When I was no longer listening......

Well recently, I've started having dreams again.  I mean EVERY NIGHT for the past 2-3 weeks, I'm having dreams of some sort.  Most of which I can feel a deeper spiritual meaning.  I'm sure most of you read my LONG status the other day about being prepared for what's to come and watching out for wolves in sheep's clothing?   Well my dream affected me so deeply I was physically ill and burdened to pray about it.  I've only told 1 person this dream so far because it was just a difficult one for me to experience.  It wasn't much different from the ones I had as a kid but I was more actively involved in it and I will now share it with you.

The dream started off with me being in a van with a group of people from Church.  When I say Church, it doesn't mean the Church I currently attend or the Church I grew up in.  A lot of times, my dreams will have another Church and other people...often people I don't know in real life and it's as they are a general representation of things to come as opposed to giving me specifics.  This was no different for the most part.  In fact, in most of these dreams, my family isn't even in them.  It's as if I'm truly experiencing an out of body experience and I'm hovering watching things happen or I temporarily take on the identity of someone else....where I still feel like me but the me in the dream has no memories of my current in real life family and events...I'm me but I'm someone else if that makes sense?  Well in this dream I was in one of 3 vehicles car pooling back from a missions trip or project.  I don't know exactly what we had done but it was something within driving distance.  We were in the lead vehicle and I was with one of the "leaders" of the Church.  I got the impression he was the music minister or a deacon....someone really involved in the church but he wasn't the pastor.  We would often stop for break or to wait for one of the other vehicles to catch up and when we did, this man carried on normal conversations with us and seemed like he was just fine.  At one point we stop and he even buys ice cream for those of us in his van (we were waiting for the other 2 vehicles to catch up).  The trip was pleasant and filled with conversation about the what we had just experienced and excitement for the future and what God had in store.

We get back to the Church and that's when things drastically change.  We all start off in a large main room and the "leader" wants us to wait for him for a few minutes.  He needs to go "freshen" up.  He goes to his office and changes his clothes.  he comes back wearing all black.  It felt unexpected but not alarming.  Black jeans, black t-shirt, black leather jacket, black boots.  When he walks into the room it was as if an evil presence entered with him.  His whole countenance changed.  (To fill in a detail I missed earlier, there was one family on the trip I DO recognize from real life.  A good friend of mine and her husband and kids.)  This man starts separating us.  The group that rode with him was to remain in the room we were all in and everyone else was to go to a large room down the hall.  Now that I'm recalling it again, this part of this Church was laid out just like the children's wing of the Church I grew up in.    A long hall with large rooms on either side.  We all looked puzzled and wasn't sure what was going on but we trusted this man and we obliged.  Suddenly things got VERY different.  The man went into a rage.  I'm not even sure what about but I knew this man was not who we all thought he was.  He had been deceiving us all for a long time and his true colors were now coming out.  He walks into one of the rooms across the hall and emerges with what appeared to be some sort of semi automatic gun.  Reminded me somewhat of snipers rifle.  He had a machine gun in the other hand.  I began praying....out loud.  I was sobbing and worried about everyone in both rooms.   He locked the door closest to the exit of the church and left the other door open as he went back and forth between rooms.  He never truly left the hall so that he could keep an eye on both groups.  For some reason, he chose me as his "aid" I guess you can say.  He would give me orders.  Keep them all quiet.  Don't let them leave.  Come with me.  Get back in the room. I just remember feeling like his "gopher" and didn't understand it.  He asked me to come with him and I did and he stood in the doorway of the room where everyone who wasn't riding in his van was.  He asked a man to stand up.  The man stood.  He then asked the man to deny Christ.  The man looked just as confused as I was and I think at first, he thought, "Oh this is a test...He's making us practice what we believe and what we tell stand our ground and to be strong." but how wrong he was.  The man refused and the next thing I know I hear the loudest most awful noise.  Like a firework had gone off in my ear only much louder.  The man asked to renounce Christ was on the floor.  Blood spilling from his head.  The room was filled with screams and cries.  There were children in this room too.  I don't remember children being on the trip so maybe they were at the Church with a child care worker waiting on us to return...not sure.   This man we had all once trusted now appeared so evil and full of hate.  He sends me back to "my room".   The next thing I know I hear him holler my name.  I step out into the hall and he sends a little boy running to me.  I realized I knew this little boy.  I knew his parents.  His mom was a dear friend of mine and I scoop him up and start sobbing.  I wrap him in my arms hugging him and not wanting to let him go.  Once we were safely in our room, I hear my name being hollered again.  I put the little boy in the arms of another lady and step into the hall.  He motions me to come to him so I do.  As I get to the door of the room where this nightmare is taking place, he takes a baby bundled up from someone's hand,  I notice it's the sibling of the little boy that just ran to me and my heart sank.  I knew what was about to happen.  He handed me the baby and said, "when this is all over with, you need to find these kids a new home."  How or why he was concerned about the safety of 2 children, I'm not sure but in one sense, it was a another, it was a nightmare.  I KNEW these kids were about to lose their parents.  I knew I would have to call up my friends parents with the news and deliver their grand babies safely to them.  I cuddle this baby close to me and walk back to the room sobbing.  Why has this man done this.  It wasn't much longer and I start hearing more gun shots.  The little boy tries to run to his mom and dad.  I catch him the first time but his second attempt is successful.  He escapes and I take off after him with his sibling in my hands.  The little boy runs past the gunman and over to his mom and dad who are hovered down in a corner crying.  I was thankful that at the moment they were still alive but the gunman was occupied with someone else at the moment being asked to deny Christ.  I see a chance and I hold the baby down and told them kiss the baby or hug the baby or say their goodbyes...whatever they needed to do.  They mouthed the words "thank you" and with tears rolling down their face kissed their little ones, told them to be strong, and that they would see them again one day.  The gunman notices what has happened and tells me to "get the kids out of here".  I manage to pry the little boy from his mothers arms and with tears in our eyes, I walk him back to our room.  I hear what felt like an unending amount of gun fire.   After that, details are a little sketchy as I had started waking up.  I do know I was allowed to leave with 2 kids in tow.  I still don't know why he "favored" those that were in his van.  Maybe it was because he heard so many personal details about our lives and we became personified to him...he saw us as someone other than "those Christians..."  I really don't know.

What I DO know is from the moment I awoke until just yesterday, I have been SO nauseated.  I've had the symptoms of a "tummy bug" if I would eat or drink anything.  I couldn't really talk about the dream....because I felt I had LIVED it.  I was there!  I wasn't just asleep laying in my bed.  My spirit had been shown something.

I truly believe our Country.....Especially the Christians in our Country are about to go through some very trying times.  We will have to stand strong.  We will be persecuted and hated.  Also be vigilant and alert.  PRAY!!!  Be aware of those who say they are servants and Shepherds of Gods Children.  We will be seeing wolves in sheep's clothing.  Listen to your spirit.  Listen to the voice of God.  Train your children to be able to stand strong even when things look scary.

I've had a really difficult time with this impending election in November and here are my true feelings and thoughts on it. 1.) don't ever back down. VOTE!!!  If you don't like what's going on now, vote for change. but 2.) I feel no matter how we vote, things are going to keep going down hill.  I think Obama will be re-elected.  Maybe not legally but look how many dead people voted last election.

Do I think Obama is the anti Christ?  Absolutely not.  The anti-christ will be trusted by most.  Even Christians in the beginning.  Obama has lost supporters.  Do I think he wants to lead us to a 1 world government or that he believes in socialism and communism?  Absolutely!!  If you've studied Marxism at all and the list of what it means to be a marxist and done any amount of research on him or read any part of the books he's written, I have no doubt in my mind that he wants our country to become socialist.  Do I think he's inherently evil?  No not necessarily.  I think he's a product of his upbringing and that he truly believes that it's a "better" way.   I think he's deceived as well.

What I DO know is that as Christians, we have to be prepared for anything.  Our kids need to be able to stand strong!

This was just 1 of my many dreams and experiences.  I have another one that makes me smile.  I feel it was preparing me for heaven.  If I can explain it in the proper way, I will put it in a note at some point as well.  Be strong and get prayed up and prepared!  War is coming....if not a physical war, for sure a spiritual one!
God bless!