Friday, November 23, 2012

Why I REALLY don't do black Friday!

     So, my facebook status reveals our new family tradition of "Do nothing black Friday".  We may in years to come (like last year) go chop down our family Christmas tree on black Friday but other than that, I choose not to leave the house unless I have to that day.  Jeremy has to work this Black Friday so he has no choice but hopefully, by the time he leaves for work, the traffic won't be so bad.  Everyone will be home balancing check books, budgeting for paying off maxed out credit cards, wrapping their new found treasures or at least hiding them.

But the REAL reason we do not get out on black Friday is this.  1.) People in our town can't drive properly anyway and SO much rudeness and road rage....can you imagine if EVERYONE in town and all the surrounding area's were out on the road today???  2.)  I've gone out twice before on black Friday (yes you read that right TWICE in my 35 year long life!).  Both times just added to my my loss of faith in humanity.  PEOPLE are RUDE!!!!  Very rude for it only be 1 day after we were celebrating Thankfulness.  It just eats away at me and I want to back hand all the people that push little old ladies, or run over someones kid with a shopping cart, or takes something from someones cart...or better yet, their HANDS!!  3.)  I value my life (read #2 for explanation of how my life may be in danger that day.  #1 applies too!  4.)  I'm competitive.  But I'm also very polite.  Those 2 don't mix on Black Friday.  Can you just see me sprinting to the back of the store where all the good stuff always is...electronics, luggage, toys...and stopping to apologize and help up everyone I may "accidentally" knock over?  I've never needed happy drugs but if Black Friday became something I "had" to do, happy drugs would be needed as well.  I'd feel so bad about getting the last big screen TV when the next person in line for it was little old many who had a hard time seeing.  Not bad enough to hand it over to him but bad enough to feel guilty every time I turned my newly acquired treasure on.  So, Black Friday is not a day that a polite competitive person can keep grasp of her sanity.

The last time I went out on black Friday, I got in line at 12:00AM at home Depot who wasn't going to open until 2:00AM.  Yes there was already a line and it was COLD that year.  I will say, out of the few places I went, that was the most pleasant of them all and who wants to get out on a day and stand in line at hardware store when you know, if you could be at Victoria Secret, you could get a free bag with goodies in it valued at $50.00 with a $25.00 purchase?  I guess that would be me.  The woman who wanted to be sure her man got what he wanted that year for Christmas.  Tools.  But you know what I found really ironic? Naturally, that line had more men in it than women and on that one day a year, men are MUCH more polite than women.  That day, for women, is equivalent to the mens national championship college football game or the Super Bowl for pro ball.  I see LOTS of ugliness from the men that day!!!  But Black Friday,it's crazy!!!  A bunch of women fighting over ear muffs! Yes they may be 80% that day but is it really worth a shiner?  Or a tooth implant?  So, IF I decide to do black Friday in our town again, I think I'll be happy with whatever I can find at Lowe's or Home Depot!

All that being said, I'm going to try my hardest to be home (Oklahoma) next year for Thanksgiving.  IF we can make that happen, I wouldn't mind leaving the men home with the kids and going out with my sister and nieces and my bestie or whomever wants to go.  A divide and conquer method and then we all meet in the middle with our loot.  I could probably only survive this with my sanity if this happened every other year.

My polite sane side and my competitive side battle over this often.  The sane side of me is content to sit home and enjoy our "do nothing" day.  The competitive side of me wants to get out and see how many of the most desired over all items I can get before they run out and if can get more "targeted" items than anyone else.  hahaha

So, in order to keep my faith in humanity (and my sanity), I will stay home with my kids and enjoy Christmas movies, games, and some outdoor play.  Next year, when I'm surrounded by all the women of my family, that may be a VERY different story!!
God bless us everyone!  (Please, for the love of all that is pure and good, do NOT forget today what it was you were thankful for yesterday!)