Monday, March 21, 2011

do you practice what you preach???

A little situation over on FB has had me thinking a lot lately and quite frankly has opened my eyes to why so many people are hurt by "Christians."  I put quotes around it because I think one should really think about what it means to be a Christian before showing the world what you "think" it means to be a Christian is.

If you knew someone who was not a Christian and publicly blasphemed the name of Jesus, what would your reaction be??  Maybe even not on facebook.  Maybe this happened in real life?  The world is watching how you react to certain situations and I would venture to say that some may even be purposely testing you.  Well this did happen with a group of my facebook friends. I'm sure we all have circles of friends and acquaintances that don't believe or view things the way we do but our reaction to these circumstances will weed out the Christ like attitudes from the not so Christ like attitudes.  One said friend was/is obviously not a believer. And  many derogatory things were said about my savior!  Things not worth repeating.  Some chose to "unfriend" him because of this but that action from the believers also bothered me.  If you read God's word and pay special attention to the parables, most of Christ's ministering were to doubters, scoffers, blasphemers, and yes, even the "religious" folk.  Religious being the key term here.  It's one thing to claim to be a Christian and live it.  That is what I call a relationship but to turn your back on anyone and anything that doesn't fit into your box, that's what I see as a religious spirit.  If Jesus would have done that, His ministry would not have been the success that it was.  He would only be talking to those who didn't offend them.  The Bible tells us to pray for those that despitefully use us.  Luke 6:28 "Bless them that curse you, and pray for them which despitefully use you."

It is possible to be in this world but not of it while ministering to those of it.   Ephesians 4 :26 "Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath:"  It's okay to be angry at something you find offensive but your reaction to that and your response to it is going to determine what kind of witness you bare.  Jesus was spat upon but still prayed for those that persecuted Him.  By turning away instead of turning the other cheek, you destroy your witness.  Maybe next time you are offended by someone, place them at  the top of your prayer list instead of turning away from them all together.
Food for thought!
God bless!


  1. And in some instances a simple request for them not to say those things about your Lord and Savior. Most friends are quick to keep from offending again, especially on something so meaningful.

  2. Very well said, baby :)

    I do want to play "devil's advocate" for just a moment though---not to disagree, but to kinda soften the blow of those who DO apparently disagree.

    The very top priority of ANY saint---before witnessing to the lost, before doing any "works" for the Lord---is to tend his own walk with Christ, to be where Christ wants him to be. I don't care if you're the lowest Christian on God's totem pole or sitting at the very right hand of the Father Himself, our number one goal is to make sure that WE are the kind of person that He wants us to be.

    And sometimes, this comes into conflict with staying "friends" with certain people. I mean, I agree with you that we are called to work through our offenses and be able to love the unlovely, to witness to those who persecute us, but first and foremost, we are not "theirs"---we're HIS, and we have to be able to operate as such.

    All other priorities are SECOND to this chief priority, and must necessarily be so, because it doesn't matter how tall or beautiful or strong a house is---if the foundation is screwed up, it's still gonna come down at the first sign of trouble. So no matter WHAT the issue, our first reaction should ALWAYS be to make sure our OWN relationship with Christ is strong enough to support the strain of staying "friends" with an offender. If it's not, then "unfriending" someone is probably the best thing these folks on Facebook could have done.

    I don't know the state of their hearts, but I do know yours (well, as well as you can know anybody else's heart other than your own hehe) and I think I can safely say that you're stronger than a lot of people out there. Don't be offended by someone who might be a weaker brother/sister. Understand that they---like even the strongest among us---still need our prayers and support.

    Love you, baby :)