Friday, September 14, 2012

Are you Ready? It's about to get tough!!! A call to prayer for believers!

I KNOW everyone has seen the reports going around about what is going on right now in the Middle East.  I just wanted to share a dream I had with you back when I was a teenager and is currently a reoccurring dream for me.  The one I had as a teenager, it was as if I were actually there.  Like I could feel myself running through streets and hiding in buildings while bombs and gun fire were going off all around me.

The dream I had as a to start.  In this dream, I was sitting in my living room floor watching the news.  The world was in upheaval.   It was a true "religious" war.  I don't know what started it but I do know many of the Muslim nations were calling for the death of all Americans.  Christian Americans were killed more painfully and brutally if they were caught.   Christian Muslims were as well.  They were classified as traitors...imbeciles.

The time of year was Fall and it was nearing election time.  It seemed as if the span of this dream covered a couple of week time frame....maybe longer.  In the dream, I was watching some kind of pageant and the election numbers were running across the bottom of the screen.  Then an emergency broadcast from the local news station interrupted and started telling of bombings and shootings.  The entire Middle East was at war.  With each other, with anyone they came across from other countries, specifically Americans and Christians.  Then the location of my dream changed and it was if I were there amongst the fighting.  I remember being "protected" by 2 men.  It was actually as if these men were showing me something.  Warning me of things to come.  Almost like they had taken me forward in time.   During all this time, we were voting on a "Muslim" president here in America.  I know there is controversy over whether our current president is a Muslim or not but I can tell you, I'm reading his book.  From the heart the mouth speaks.  You should read it.  Maybe if more Americans read it, we could get more people praying and you know what the Word says will happen when God's people will humble themselves and pray right?  Think about it!!

I never saw the outcome of the election.  I just know that so many people were "blinded" by this presidential candidate.  So when I saw these things start taking place on 9/11 I got goose bumps.  I started praying.  I pray for strength for our Christian community as when things get the worst, they will get the blunt of the violence.  But we know that.  We've been warned of that in Gods Word!

Anyway, as these 2 men take me through the streets, I find out I'm in Israel.  These men keep telling me that time is short.  Be sure Gods people are ready!  I never really thought of the importance of these 2 men or who they might be.  In my dream, they were also of middle eastern decent.  But in my heart, now, I feel I know who they were.  I'll leave that for speculation.  I am in NO way trying to predict Christs return.  No man (or woman) can know that.  Only God knows that but I'm telling you!  People!!  Get ready!!  Because harder times are coming!  We haven't seen anything yet!!  If you are a believer, prepare your kids!  Try and find a way in which they will have peace about it...not fear.  I know when I take my last breath here, my eyes will open in glory!  I want my kids to see it that way too!  I've had dreams about the tribulation and the end times since I was 4 years old!  Yes you heard me right FOUR years old!!  It's not something I fear for me but I fear for those I love and care about and if they will be strong enough to stand.

This dream is now reoccurring.  I can't count the number of times I've had it or very similar dreams in the past month!  Now is NOT the time to be living a luke warm life.   Now is NOT the time to be living for fleshly desires.  Now is NOT the time to be walking the fence.  We can't have 1 foot in the world and 1 in Heaven.  It doesn't work that way.  Jesus said, You are either for me or against me!  The word says, "Choose you THIS day whom ye will serve!  As for ME AND MY house, we WILL serve the Lord!" Joshua 24:15.  We are to be the light of the world.  Not just on Sunday!  Every day!!!  How are others going to see our light if we living in darkness Monday through Saturday and just let our light flicker on Sunday?.  Is your heart desiring things of God or things of the world.  We are to be in the world, not OF it.

So, if I seem a little bit passionate about my political views, and about my Faith, you are right.  I am.  God has given me dreams and visions for a reason.  I can't NOT share them.  I won't NOT share them.  I've ran from what God has called me to do long enough for fear of rejection.  I've ran because I don't have enough confidence in myself but I'm now standing and I'm now telling you get your homes and hearts in order!!

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