Wednesday, November 17, 2010

In My Back Yard

Standing here watching my oldest playing on the teeter totter brings back memories of days long past.  When I too was a six year old with no other care but growing my imagination and dreaming big.  I see the wind blow through her hair and I see the sun shine on her hair like dancing crystals.  If I close my eyes, I can return to those days.  I feel the warmth of the sun heating my scalp.  I feel the wind blow through my hair and my limbs as I lean back in the swing and watch the white puffy clouds waltzing through the sky.  And just for a moment, I am a kid again.
     Back in those days, I could do any any one.  It's moments like these that I realize how important it is to help her grow her imagination and cherish her innocence.  It's the moments in a child's back yard where even if for only a moment, you can be any thing you want to be and do anything you want to do.  If you stand on the swing, make it sway back and forth, hand out stretched and eyes closed, you can fly!  The tree in the corner of the yard becomes the tallest mountain begging to be conquered.  The leaves and acorns laying around become the perfect ingredients for an evening feast.  The squirrels prancing around become forest friends to the prettiest fairies.
     Never a moment of selfishness in the imagination.  Little unattended flowers become the BEST gift for mommy.  In a kids back yard, there are no limits to what one can do or what one can be.  I realized I need to take a little more time to return to what was once, MY back yard!

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