Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Is phyiscal health tied to your Spiritual well being?

Here is a deep thought for you....a question that I myself have been pondering on lately.  Do you think that your physical health in well being plays a roll in your Spiritual health and well being?  After all, we have a picture painted out for us in the Bible of God and the Trinity.  God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. We are created in the image of God.  Our 3 components if you will being body, mind, and spirit.  It seems to me that in order for our whole to function as a united front, we need to take care of three aspects of our being.  The one BIG difference being that we are flesh.  We are not God.  We do make mistakes and sometimes we don't realize the affect a physical mistake may make on our spiritual well being.

What brought me to this revelation or thought process you ask? If you've followed any of my previous posts, you know I've suffered a long time from a disease called PCOS.  This disease makes it difficult if not impossible to lose weight.  You've read that I've tried every diet known to man and have recently started a quest towards healthier and natural living.  (in short, I've become a Vegantarion.)  Yes I purposely misspelled that.  As far as eating goes, I would be considered vegan.  No meat, fish, dairy, eggs or anything made with any of the above.  HOWEVER, I don't not begrudge anyone who chooses to kill a cow because they like steak and burgers.  That would be the big identifying differences.  True vegans do not approve of animals/animal prodcuts being used for anything....which would include milk in lotion, leather for jackets, and boots an belts.  I truely believe as long as you are making good use of the animal, who am I to tell you what to do.  Not to mention, my favorite jacket of all is my black leather jacket hanging in my closet.  However, vegetarians do eat some dairy and eggs.  So, since I'm somewhere in the middle, I've labeled myself a vegantarian.  LOL

Anyway, since eating all healthy foods, I've noticed a subtle change in my priorities and my spiritual walk.  It's like the temple is cleaned out now and is looking to replace the junk with good stuff.  I do still need to work on time management.  That's always been a problem of mine but here lately, I've found myself wanting more of God.  I've been in a stagnant place for so long though that I'm having a hard time getting my engine running.  I'm having to do a tune up on myself.  Spending more "quality" time with the kids is becoming more important to me.  Reading Christ based books and listening to Christian music is becoming a bigger priority.  I just feel that as the junk is being weeded out, my spirit is thirsting for something bigger and better.  You know that feeling you get in your mouth when you are so thirsty and nothing can quench it.  You search and you search for just the right drink and just the right amount but you aren't satisfied until you've found that right thing and that right amount?  That is my spirit man at this moment.

I also found it funny that this longing for more and this increased thirst came at a time when I've purged my body from junk.  I can't tell you the last time that the physical Mary has felt this good.  I have my days like anyone does where I may have a tummy ache or a headache but it wasn't long ago that I NEVER felt good.  I was having one physical problem after another but as of late, that hasn't been the case.  My good days far out number my bad ones.  So, seeing as these two event coincided with each other that I started wondering if the health and well being of one part of your body, soul, and mind affected the health and well being of another part.   If I had to give an answer based on personal experience, I'd have to say without a doubt yes.  As I get healthier physically, my mind longs for more knowledge and my spirit longs for more God.  Anyway, that is something I just wanted to share with everyone.  I had yet another "aha" moment it seems and maybe my "aha" will bear witness with your spirit.  Until next time....God bless!!

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